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MESMERA is a National Level Techno-Cultural Fest organized by MES Institute of Technology And Management, Chathannoor, Kollam .The evelution of mankind from old age days to tilldate ,man has been surviving hard to make his life easy and colourful seeking the help of science and technology.the current techinincal institutes not only but engineers and technocrats but also generates sparks of innovative thoughts

MESITAM launches the third version of its national level techno-cultural fiesta- MESMERA ’19.MESMERA is a platform to allure the aspiring technocrats. MESMERA is a techno-cultural fest to foster a spirit of innovation and to promote creative ideas in technical and engineering aspects among budding engineers. MESMERA is vibrant with the combination of Green symbolizing self-respect, growth and harmony. Blue symbolizing youth and White symbolizing peace and purity. We at MESMERA bring forth a fire of initiative to nurture the talents in the young mind-sets.