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Hestia’19 is an extraordinary vision, inspired by a great purpose and conceived by a strong spark, which makes one’s thoughts break bonds, mind transcend limitations, and consciousness expand in every single direction, to finally empower everyone who nurtures it in a place where nothing and absolutely nothing is impossible. 

The national level techno-managerial cultural symposium, is a rendezvous of the brain’s left and right sides, an amalgamation of all that is science and all that is art, for science and art must embrace each other to triumph the contemporary world’s challenges. It is technology and innovation acting together, catalysed by creativity and art, to create the elixir vitae. 

The national level techno-managerial cultural symposium will host a wide range of events workshops, a plethora of technical competitions from various departments as well as clubs and organisations, and a grand tech expo, to name a few in the tech domain alone, while, the cultural fest will be a melange of art and performance that will leave you breathless.

The goal of Hestia’19 is to create the ultimate ensemble of technology, innovation, business, culture and art.