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The Logistics and Supply Chain Management course provides a detailed knowledge of warehouse operations, supply chain works modeling and other logistics operations necessary for a logistics professional. For economic development, safe and secure transportation of goods from one place to another is known as Logistics.

Transportation helps to bring together people from various parts of the world under one roof. It found ways to travel and transport goods in land, water and air. Once we used animals in land, rovers in water to transport goods. Now there is tremendous change in everything and we are able to get done everything in a single click. We were entirely dependent on Parcel service companies which were the only service available on national level to transport goods and services. In the early days, to deliver products, it will take months for a driver and cleaner to deliver these products. But nowadays, logistics paves the path for vast job opportunities. Anyone can start his/her own business in logistics at lower investments.

Education in logistics helps as to understand the business scope within it. The uniqueness of logistics is the will power and complete dedication needed to start an International Standard Business. Unlike any other business, there is less risk involved. Production, distribution, packaging, handling, warehousing, designing, safe and secure transport are the various job opportunities in this field. Logistics plays an important role in the transformation of raw material to goods and their products and finally their consumption.

Duration : 3 months
Certificate : WHRDE