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CIVIL QA/QC is aimed at students who are interested to build a carrier in civil inspection field. Quality assurance and quality control is applicable in construction field. Methods including concrete tests as well as strength tests are taught to students while familiarizing the equipments used. Quality is one of the critical factors in the success of construction projects. Quality of construction projects as well as project success can be regarded as the fulfillment of expectations (i.e. the satisfaction) of the project participants.

Every material data sheet of the material to be supplied to the project that has to be read by a quality engineer. Especially when the material is about to submit to the Engineer or Consultant, it must have to be reviewed properly because sometimes the properties of the material do not comply with the requirement of the specification, then that would probably be rejected and will cause a waste of time and eventually create delays. It might even better if you will prepare a comparison sheet before you finally submit the material to the Engineer. A QA/QC Engineer shall develop a method statement for the particular work on the site. He will make sure that it is submitted to the Consultant or Engineer and should be approved prior to starting the job on the site. The QA/QC Engineer shall prepare the method statement ahead of schedule for the jobs and consider making a plan for all the method statements preparation and submission.

Quantity surveying is primarily centered on construction and the management of profit and loss including budgets of large projects. A quantity surveyor manages all loses related to civil engineering projects, right from the initial level calculations to the final figures of the project. The course comprise of PM-ERP software training including familiarizing finished MNC projects.

Duration : 3 months
Certificate : WHRDE